Kindess Tree

Our school will be taking advantage of the grant programs from last school year. Last year, North Scituate created a Kindness Tree and school food pantry.  If you are looking to donated food items, please contact or Below is some information about the grant program. 

Hello our great Feinstein Leadership Schools:

 We are delighted to once again offer our Leadership Schools funding for two of our popular grant programs for the 2022/2023 school year... our "Feinstein Jr. Scholar Pantry" & "Feinstein Jr. Scholar Kindness Tree" programs! 

We are offering our Leadership Schools a $2,000 grant for each of these projects that you coordinate with your Jr. Scholars.

Your Kindness Tree is a great way to showcase the good deeds your students are doing throughout the year & encourages them to continue their efforts to better our world! Your school pantry is a wonderful way to motivate your Jr. Scholars to help each other & for your school to be a beacon of hope & pride for your students, their families & your community!  We encourage schools to reach out to local establishments like Stop & Shop, Ocean State Job Lot, Shaw's, BJ's, Aldi's etc. as they may be interested in partnering with your school pantry! S