Parent's Ultimate Guide to Google Classroom

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This article answers these questions:
What is Google Classroom?
Do teachers use Google Classroom to teach live, like with Zoom?
How do you set up Google Classroom?
Can you use Google Classroom at home?
Can I communicate with my child's teacher through Google Classroom?
Can Google Classroom be used for cheating or chatting?
Which other apps and websites can be used with Google Classroom?
Can I check my child's grades on Google Classroom?
What are the safest settings to enable on my kid's Google account?
How does my kid find out about new stuff posted in Google Classroom?
Is my kid supposed to be chatting with their classmates during class time via Google Classroom?
Who has control over the options in Google Classroom: the teacher, students, the principal, the tech coordinator?
If my kid is using Google Classroom, how can I make sure they're not goofing around?
How tech savvy do I need to be to help my kid with Google Classroom?
Does Google Classroom track and collect kids' data?
Where can I go to get more information about how to use Google Classroom?