Who we are:

North Scituate Elementary School is located in the heart of Scituate Village in North Scituate, Rhode Island. Our school is a small, well-rounded network of teachers and staff who are committed to building relationships and engaging students for both academic and life success. We strive each day to model effective communication and work ethic in order to further instill these characteristics in our students. Our school is continually working to model our five core values; Safety First, Try Your Best, Act Responsibly, Respect All, and Self-control.
This year, we are proud to have implemented a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics) enrichment block to provide students with opportunities for hands-on experimental learning that ignites creativity and critical thinking. All staff has been instrumental in providing these unique learning opportunities for our students. Our staff has also worked diligently with the Highlander Institute to integrate technology into daily instruction. Teachers have been empowered to incorporate blended learning techniques to meet the needs of all learners while engaging them in the curriculum.
As a district, it is important that we recognize the need for an aligned curriculum that meets the needs of all students. This year, one of our main focuses is to research and determine a rigorous curriculum for K-12. This will provide our students and staff with a cohesive curriculum that will improve all levels of learning.
Our school community looks forward to events planned by our Parent Teacher Organization that brings families and community members together. This is an opportunity to spread kindness, support the community and build life-long partnerships for North Scituate Elementary School.